“We consult with Narelle on complex international tax structures and strategies and our clients have greatly benefited from her insight and advise. She has a unique mix of industry experience, public accounting and academia that she brings to bear on every project…”  

Partner Hanne L.

“Her work requires sophisticated analysis, and it has proven invaluable to my clients. I would highly recommend Narelle for international tax structuring advice…” 

Attorney Dan A.

“You can count on Narelle…”

Tax Partner Dave T.

“Her breadth of international tax knowledge, is matched by her commercial savvy, drive and energy; not to mention her congenial and down to earth approach…” 

International Tax Partner Gordon L.

“She is a person with high integrity and good values…”

International Tax Partner Murilo M.

“Narelle was able to quickly understand the international tax complexities the company faced and she partnered with the company in identifying potential issues and offered practical solutions. Narelle was able to quickly understand the international tax complexities the company faced and she partnered with the company in identifying potential issues and offered practical solutions…”   

Senior Director, Global Tax Bonnie N.

Her command on Global taxation is amazing… She has an amazing ability to question “Status quo” and has always forced us to think beyond the ordinary.

Senior Manager Bosco N.

From the minute I hired Narelle, I knew I had added an energetic and very talented tax professional to our team. She is always thinking of and implementing enhancements to the tax efficiency of a transaction or business plan and she is always seeking to exceed the expectations of the constituents involved.

Vice President Paul C.

Narelle is well known throughout the CPA community as a strategic thinker with a passion for international tax. Narelle takes into account the needs of a business, maximizing after tax results through multiple jurisdictions, while ensuring compliance with US tax laws.

International Tax Partner Kate L.

She is knowledgeable, responsive, and focused on assisting clients in setting up their international operations to take advantage of tax law opportunities.

Senior Director David E.

She always demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the “tax rational” behind the multiple Brazilian taxes and how to cut through the complexities posed by her sector and operations. Moreover, Narelle always planned ahead putting in place accurate strategies and deadlines in order to successfully accomplish her company´s goals.

Legal Services Consultant Murilo M.

She does an excellent job of assessing tax & business risks, identifying tax & business opportunities, then communicating these issues to the appropriate level of company management.

Vice President Bryan L.

She not only identified tax issues and opportunities but worked hard to find practical solutions to problems when they arose. I whole heartedly recommend Narelle as an outstanding tax professional.

Chief Financial Officer Andrea S.

I was a student in Professor MacKenzie’s Seminar on International Taxation in the summer of 2012. She was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and her class included many real life examples of different tax structures and issues. What set Professor MacKenzie apart from other professors, however, was her passion for teaching. In the classroom, her passion was contagious.

Tax Associate Timothy P.

She’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and an absolutely phenomenal teacher… Professor MacKenzie was clear, concise and well-organized… Her enthusiasm and high expectations compelled me to exceed my normal level of effort, and I learned more in her course than I do in most other courses.

Staff Accountant Neil M.