Speaking Engagements

Due to her experience, passion, and insight, Narelle MacKenzie is a highly sought after speaker, course instructor, and guest lecturer. She has been consistently recognized for the enthusiasm she brings to each presentation. Her speaking manner is clear, concise, and organized. Her depth of experience allows her to explain complex technical areas of taxation in a way that is practical and engaging.

Numerous domestic and international organizations have consistently featured Ms. MacKenzie as the guest speaker. She has presented at many and diverse conferences including CalCPA, the ABA, CITE, AWSA and PwC.

She is a frequent contributor to training seminars for large corporations and international organizations. Since 2007, Ms. MacKenzie has been an International Tax lecturer at San Diego State University.

Recent speaking engagements covered potential tax issues for U.S. businesses expanding overseas, the impact FBAR rules have on corporations, the corporate tax considerations of expats and inpats, and an explanation of the US ta laws of global operations for US MNCs:

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Form-5471 – The $10,000 Mistake

Introduction to U.S International Tax

AWSA Presentation on Traps for the Unwary in Expanding Overseas Operations

FBAR Corporate Tax Considerations Presentation

Expats and Inpats – Do You Know Where Your Employees Are?

“Peeling the Apple” (International Tax)

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