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Represent Your US Individual Clients Before the IRS

Join the 2015 enrolled agent study programme. This course, offered by DJH International Tax, is the only one of its kind outside the US and combines three days of intensive tuition by Narelle MacKenzie, a US-based CPA, with a choice of six or 12 months’ access to specialist online materials developed by Gleim. As well as covering the content of the three exams, the system offers progress tests, practice exams a Gleim “counsellor” and a wealth of other features.

If you practice in the area of US individual tax you will probably want to represent your clients before the IRS. To do so, if you are not a US CPA or attorney, you need to be an enrolled agent. This involves passing an exam comprising three papers, on individual and business taxation.

Most practitioners outside the United States will be dealing with US expatriate citizens and so the content of the exams can come as something of a surprise, since it was designed with the US-based practitioner in mind and covers significant aspects of US domestic taxation to which the non-US based practitioner is rarely exposed.

The live course takes place from 27-29 July 2015 at a dedicated training venue in central London.

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