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The Panama Papers: What Is a Tax Haven?

Narelle MacKenzie was quoted in a recent US News & Word Report article on The Panama Papers and tax havens. She provided context on what they are, who uses them, and their legitimate uses.

In the April 16th article, Narelle MacKenzie explained tax havens this way: “Simply put, a tax haven is generally a country with a low rate – or even a zero rate – of income tax” further adding “Countries considered tax havens also don’t typically reveal the financial accounts of foreign investors

The article goes on to describe some of the different countries around the world that serve as tax havens, and explains that while tax havens can be a legitimate means of lessening ones tax burden; issues of legality occur when failing to disclose off-shore accounts to the IRS.

Read the full article here.

ScottThe Panama Papers: What Is a Tax Haven?